How To Read Drum Music

A quick, easy approach to reading drum
music. Maybe you’re a brand new
drummer, or maybe you’ve been playing
for years; in either case, you want to learn
to read drum music. Whether you’re a
novice performer or a professional
musician, Stu and Jimmy’s easy
explanations and clear examples make
“How To Read Drum Music” as easy as

Each of the aspects of drum music are
presented simply, clearly, as is the related
musical notation. “How To Read Drum
Music’s” website,,
provides free video instruction for each
example in the book. If you’re willing to
spend a half hour to an hour a day, within a
couple weeks Jimmy and Stu will have you
reading drum music.

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Too Young for a Heart Attack

Stu Segal was a fit, healthy 37-year-old—
or that's what he thought until Fathers’ Day
1987 ended with a heart attack. When the
ER doctor told him he might or might not
survive, he realized that, one way or
another, life as he knew it was over.

In "Too Young for a Heart Attack", Stu
traces the journey of a man facing the new
reality that though much of what he loved
was gone, yes, he might still be able to live
a long and happy life—if he methodically
changed his approach to the things he's
always taken for granted. Over the course
of weeks, months and years, Stu says
goodbye to the habits he's used to and
rebuilds them all from the ground up—his
work, his eating, his physical activities,
even his hobbies and relationships. And
along the way, he learns that happiness
isn't exactly what he thought it was.

Readers seeking heart-health advice will
find Too Young for a Heart Attack includes
a top-10-healthy-practices list, a food
appendix featuring heart-friendly recipes,
and medical expertise from cardiologist
Ian J. Molk, M.D.

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Rant, Rumbles and Roars
Motorcycling in America

Over 50 years of motorcycling—riding
chopping, and eventually owning
motorcycle stores. Stu Segal and his
friends started riding and building bikes in
the ‘60s, before the big name builders—
before the reality shows, build-offs and
movie star wives. Stu rode to work, rode to
play, toured the country on his bikes.

Twenty-five years ago he began writing for
Iron Biker News, later as a blogger,
occasionally for himself. Rants, raves, and
sometimes ramblings . . . about
motorcyclists and their world, the world of
bikes and bikers. Riding from the ‘60s non-
stop to the new millennium, always taking
notes; here are some of the articles Stu
wrote along the way, along with
contemporary articles examining
motorcycling of the past as well as
motorcycling in America today.

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So you know you ought to be taking care of
your body better than you have been — but
that’s a scary thought. Right? It feels like
you’ve waited too long, like you’ll never be
able to overcome the obstacles that have
kept you from staying fit up until now.

Well, here’s some great news for you: No
matter what state your body is in today, it is
absolutely not too late to improve it. Meet
Matthew, who chose at 24 to change his
270-pound weight. Meet Michelle, who
chose at 38 to start taking care of herself
as well as she took care of her children.
And meet Marty, who chose in his 50s to
begin doing the things every day that would
keep his weakening knees and back strong
enough to lead a happy, pain-free life.

They’re all regular people who let their
bodies get out of shape. And then they
decided to take care of it. Learn how
thirteen regular people transformed their
bodies and their lives. Because it’s never
too late. For them — or for you.

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Kindle Version — $7.49
Book Version — $11.95
Following a year of interviews with inspirational people who turned around their fitness,
health, and sometimes their lives, I'm proud to present my latest book.