Ben & Leona Youtie
Ben Youtie (1901-1987)  &  Leona Davis Youtie (1908-1988)

Ben & Leona grew up in the Atlantic City area, Ben the eldest son of merchant Samuel Youtie and
Rachel, and Leona the youngest daughter of grocers Michael and Necha Ella Davis .

Leona was a teacher who graduated Glassboro Normal School (later re-named NJ State Teachers
College at Glassboro), and Ben graduated the Illinois College of Chiropody & Orthopedics (today the
Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine).
Atlantic City High School
Varsity Football

Ben Youtie
Back row, center
Played Center
1948 Leona & Ben Youtie, parents of the bride, at the wedding reception for
Natalie and Mike Segal (Fannie Witten in foreground)
Ben Youtie and daughters on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City

With Natalie, 1936                                                                                                                   
                                                                       With Barbara circa 1945
1934 - Ben & Leona Youtie, on a cruise