The  SEGAL  Family
This page lists all the Segal family members who appear on this website,
some basic info about them, and links to the other pages on the site that
contain photos or information about each.
MEYER I. (MIKE) SEGAL                                                                               1922-1982

    Only son of Hyman Segal and Hessie Corngold.  Sibling
    sisters - Rose (Hyman), Connie (Blackman), Claire
    (Edelstein), Molly (Albert)

    Husband of Natalie Youtie Segal
    Father of Stuart Segal and Sharon Segal

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Mike Segal      Natalie Segal

Mid 1950's  

Back Row            
Stephen Edelstein &   
Sidney Blackman    

Middle Row          
Ruth & Earl Blackman  

Front Row           
Stu Segal                      
Marc Albert              
Sharon Segal       
Andrea Albert  

Not Pictured         
Elliott Edelstein   
Rose Segal & Michael Heiman's Wedding Day  -  circa 1967
                   Sid Albert      Ruth Blackman  Mike Segal        Ben Blackman                   Steven Edelstein

Natalie Segal          Molly Albert       Mike Heiman    Rose Heiman   Connie Blackman     Claire Edelstein

sometime in the 1940's
The photo above is all the "Segal
cousins", except Elliott Edelstein.  This
is because, if I remember correctly, the
above photo was taken outside the
home of Aunt Claire Edelstein, and it
was before either the wedding of Elliott
and Hannah, or before something like
a bridal shower.

I could be wrong, but that is why I
remember this photo not including

Elliott and Hannah
                   on their Wedding Day