THE YOUTIE BOYS           
circa 1912  

Harry   1902-1974                     

Herb   1904-1980             

Ben    1901-1987

Thanks to Bill Youtie for this photo
The  YOUTIE  Family
This page contains the story of the family name, links to family trees, all the Youtie
family members who appear on this website, some basic info about them, and links
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Dr. BENJAMIN YOUTIE                                                                                   1901-1987

    Sibling brothers Harry & Herbert C.

    Husband of Leona Davis Youtie
    Father of Natalie Segal and Barbara Youtie

    For detailed info & photos please see the
    Ben & Leona Youtie page.

Professor HERBERT CHAIM YOUTIE                                                         1904-1980

    Youngest son of Samuel & Rachel Youtie
    Sibling brothers Benjamin & Harry

    Husband of 1) Ruth Barber
        Father of Rodney Youtie               
    Husband of 2) Louise Canberg

    For detailed info & photos please see the page dedicated
    to Herbert & Louise Youtie
NATALIE ELAINE YOUTIE, aka Natalie Segal                                       1928-2004

    Eldest daughter of Benjamin & Leona Youtie
    Sibling sister Barbara

    Wife of Mike Segal
    Mother of Stuart & Sharon Segal

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    please click on the Mike
    & Natalie Segal page > > > > > > >

HARRY YOUTIE                                                                                                1902-1974

    Middle son of Samuel & Rachel Youtie
    Sibling brothers Benjamin & Herb

    Husband of Rose Plotkin
    Father of Robert ("Bob" "Bobby") Youtie
Mike Segal      Natalie Segal
SAMUEL YOUTIE                                                                                             1878-1948

    Husband of Rachel Levinson Youtie
    Father of Ben, Harry & Herbert Youtie

    For detailed info & photos please see the
    Sam & Rae Youtie page.

There are two stories regarding the name of our family:

The first I heard from my Grandfather, Ben Youtie.  He says that upon disembarking in 1889 or 90, US
Immigration asked Herman Youtie his name and, not understanding English, he thought they wanted
his religion - to which Herman replied "Yehudi! Yehudi!" (Jewish! Jewish!), which is what became
Youtie.  This is similar to other immigration name mixup stories of the era.  My grandfather told me
this story in the 1980s, when he was in his 80's  -  when I then asked him the original family name . .
he couldn't remember.

The other story was told to Barbara Youtie by Louise Canberg Youtie, who must have heard if from
her husband Herbert Youtie.  Her/his story is that Youtie was the beginning of a longer multi-syllable
name that was something . . . maybe Utescaschlinsky according to Lisa Phoenix Stark Youtie, or
maybe Uteesky, Utevoskov, Utegoldman . . .who knows?

What we do know is that in 1914 Samuel, whose legal surname was Ute, petitioned the courts to
allow him to change his surname from "Ute", to Youtie, a more phonetic version which people would
pronounce correctly  -  which of course the court granted.  (I have the 5 page document - if anyone
wants I'll send you a .jpg - or
click here to see the Order issued by the court)

The reality is, the original family name is lost.
To see an outline of the 7 generations of people that have descended from Herman & Sara Youtie (at
least all those I could find) please click on:


If anyone wants actual Family Trees, Ancestor Trees, etc. please contact Stu Segal and I'll send them.