Herbert Chaim Youtie & Louise Canberg Youtie
Herb was the youngest brother of Ben Youtie, who always said that his brother Herbie was a
"scholar" - - - - in fact, he was.  A Professor of Papyrology at the University of Michigan, Herb was a
world-renowned Papyrologist.  His publications were numerous, and are cited as reference and
foundation for current work.  A web search for "Herbert C. Youtie" quickly reveals hundreds of
references to his work, and he is described in some of these references as "Herbert C. Youtie, the
great American Papyrologist".

Herb was first married to Ruth Barber, and they had one child, Rodney.  Little is known about Ruth or  
Rodney, as Herb and Ruth were divorced sometime before 1934.

Louise Canberg Youtie was originally Herb's student and became his wife in 1934.  She also became
his research assistant.  Louise became an expert in the field as well, publishing much of her own
work.  Her final publication was in 1996,
when she was 88 years of age!!  Herb and Louise, who
never had children, devoted their lives to papyrology  -  they were both world-renowned, and Herb
was respected as one of the (or maybe "the") preeminent papyrologists of his generation.

We didn't know Uncle Herb and Aunt Lou very well, as they lived a quiet academic life in Ann Arbor
and after my birth (1949) only visited Atlantic City once.  I remember as a kid being told that Uncle
Herb would go to England in the summers as he was a visiting Professor at Oxford; also he was a
visiting Professor at Princeton (and they said he had known Albert Einstein).

Uncle Herb and Aunt Lou came to visit us in Atlantic City in the 70's.  They seemed like really modest  
people, and he was, like my grandfather Ben, a really nice guy.
                                                                                                                                              Stu Segal 11/28/2006

NOTE:  In December 2009 I had a conversation with Joe Sheldon (nee Plotka), the youngest of the
Youtie first cousins of the Herb Youtie generation.  Joe is 88 years old, and lives in Ventnor NJ.  In his
younger years Joe was a bandleader (Sheldon was his stage name, which he later adopted legally).  
He told me that Herb was a fun guy who liked to party; he said that whenever Herb came to A.C. he
would look up Joe, and expect Joe to take him where the "action" was.  The implication was wine,
women and music.  I include this anecdote only because otherwise one might get the mistaken
impression that Herb was a dry boring Professor with his nose constantly buried in his scrolls.

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Atlantic City's Great
Unrecognized Scholar

Article by Sonny Schwartz,
published 3/19/1980
in The Press of Atlantic City
Louise Canberg Youtie

Speech delivered to the
International Association of Papyrologists
by Ludwig Koenen  8/7/04
                             Below is an exerpt from the Editor's Preface of
                                 COLLECTANEA PAPYROLOGICA
                       TEXTS PUBLISHED IN HONOR OF H.C. YOUTIE

This heterogeneous collection of texts, published here for the first time, was gathered from scholars
in the United States, Canada, and Europe to honor Professor Herbert Chayyim Youtie of the University
of Michigan.  All who see and read the collections will feel the respect, admiration, and gratitude
which papyrologists everywhere share for Professor Youtie.  I hope, in turn, that he will find the texts
interesting and that he will take pleasure in the fact that the collection exists to pay tribute to his
achievements both as an extraordinary scholar and as a uniquely warm and generous human being.  
I sincerely hope that all share my joy at the appearance of this volume which represents the joint
efforts of so many scholars.

Ann Ellis Hanson, 1976
                                          THE YOUTIE FESTSCRIFT

In academia, a Festschrift is a book honoring a respected academic; the term, borrowed from
German, could be translated as "celebration publication".

Ann Hanson authored the work that is commonly called "The Youtie Festschrift".  She is a Professor
at Yale.  She received her B.A. in Classics at the University of Michigan, and an M.A. in Ancient History,
working principally with Professor Herbert C. Youtie in papyrology.  Her PHD in Classics is from the
University of Pennsylvania.