Samuel & Rachel Youtie
Samuel Youtie (1878-1948)  &  Rachel Levinson Youtie (1882-1932)

Samuel Youtie was born in Odessa, Russia in 1878.  He came to the U.S. in 1889 or 1890 with his
parents, Herman Youtie and Sara Eller Youtie, and his other 2 siblings (he had 3 more siblings who
were later born in the US).

Samuel grew up in the US, from the age of 8.  Little is known about his childhood.  He eventually
married Rachel Levinson, was also born in Russia.

Samuel came to be a successful merchant in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  He opened a small store,
which later grew into Youtie's Department Store, the largest department store in the then-thriving
Atlantic City.  He was said to be a millionaire who "lost it all" during the Great Depression.  The truth
is, he didn't lose it all . . . . as my uncle Harry Youtie (Sam's middle son) ran the remnants of Youtie's
Department Store into the 1970s.

Sam and Rae had three sons  -  Ben, who was always interested in athletics, and went on to become
the leading Chiropodist (Podiatrist) in Atlantic City - Harry, who ran Youtie's Department Store after
Sam's retirement - Herb, who became a world-renowned Professor of Papyrology.

My cousin Joe Sheldon (nee Plotka), who is the Nephew of Sam Youtie, told me that his Uncle Sam
was one of the most intelligent men he ever knew.  He said Uncle Sam told him, during WWII, that
"The Germans are temporary, the Russians are the real threat"  -  a statement history would later
prove right, even though, according to Joe, Sam was the only guy he ever heard express this opinion
so early on.

Rae died young, at 50, and Sam lived to 70.  The Youtie's Department Store building still stands in
Atlantic City (though last I saw it, it housed a dance club).
            Sam in 1915

Rae in 1916
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Sam, with Barbara and Ben, circa 1945