Jon Beltz

Jon was interviewed by The Press of
Atlantic City in 1960.  Regarding
"Cast Not the First Stone" he said:

"This is a rebuff to those Bluenose
Brainless Ones who seek to force
their narrow-minded, puritanical ideas
and ideals on those who cannot
accept them.

I've tried to achieve this symbolically
by suggesting the jutting rocks,
distant mountains and plateaus as
the world.  The ugly, wrathful,
sarcastic faces found in the rocks are
those of the Bluenose Ones.

In their arrogant 'holier-than-thou'
attitudes, they peer down intently on
a hapless couple in love.  The lovers,
who cannot or will not abide by the
social custom of marriage, are
ridiculed and blasphemed until death
is preferable.

The woman is dead.  The lover
stands above her - his heart cut out
from his body by the sarcastice jibes
of the 'Thoughtless Ones'. He
murmurs, 'World, you have your
pound of flesh. Now, cast not the first

Bluenose, of course, will have the last
word, 'The lot of the transgressor is
death.' "

Cast Not the First Stone
1960  -  Jon Beltz
I knew Jon Beltz slightly in the 70's  -  he was a friend of my Aunt Barbara's and we
would see Jon occasionally at holidays, dinners, etc.

Jon struck me as a product of the bohemian/beatnik era.  Maybe it was the pointy
little goatee, or maybe it was the beatnik slang he used - I think Jon was the only
person who ever addressed me as a "cat". . . as in "How are you cats doin' today?"

Anyway, he was a really talented artist, and seemed like a very nice guy.

                                                                                       Stu Segal  2/18/2007