Frank Kelly Freas
I have no idea the purpose of Mr.
Freas' sketch which we acquired  -  
though from the look of it I suspect it
was for the cover of a novel.

A few interesting things I noticed:

First, there is no evidence of pencil
lead, or eraser marks, and it looks
like it was sketched in ink.  This is
amazing to someone like myself  -  it's
just hard to imagine anyone with the
talent to draw like this in ink.

Second, you can see he's working on
the concept, as he has drawn the
right arm of the man, and drawn an
alternate as well.  I have no idea
which he preferred.

Third, and interesting in a "personal
trivia" sort of way is the sketch of the
girl.  Look at the left armpit  -  am I
mistaken or has he incorporated a
"K"?  Now look at the gauntlet portion
of the left glove  -  again, am I looking
at an "F"?  Has he imbedded his
initials in this casual sketch?

A web search of his name will produce hundreds
of links to countless illustrations, many of which
may be familiar to you.

Amongst the most familiar is Freas' illustration for
the 1953 cover of Astounding Science Fiction, an
illustration he would revive in 1977 for Queen's
album, News Of The World.

I was at the Art Auction, and was bidding on one of Frank Wu's paintings.  Quite by
chance I turned around about 30 seconds before the close of the auction and
noticed a sketch by Frank Kelly Freas on the adjacent wall,
on which there was no
 I quickly jotted my bidder number and an amount.

My last minute bid on this notepad sketch won!  I'm embarrassed to tell you how
little I paid for an original Freas (especially considering that since Mr. Freas
passed away 4 months later, at age 83, and sketches like this have been valued at
many times the amount of my last minute bid!)
                                                                                      Stu Segal  2/19/2007