Perhaps a little less serious,
"The Lounge Lizard, Elvissaurus, or Dino Marino"
was painted by Frank for the "San Diego in 2006" Westercon bid

We acquired the oil in late 2006
Frank Wu
This was painted for Jay Lake's award winning book "Greetings From Lake Wu".  As
I'm sure you'll immediately perceive, this painting relates to the artist's faith (and yes,
he has included his own image).  Frank has a very detailed explanation of his thoughts
relating to this painting on his website, and I have included the link below.

We acquired Frank's original oil in 2004, at the Boston Art Auction

To learn more about this piece, click
Frank Wu's G-d;
Stephen and I were in San Jose in 2002 for the 60th World Science Fiction Convention when
we came across a 3-Panel limited edition of Frank Wu's "Indifference" in the Art Auction.

Stephen was just blown away by the piece, which we won at auction:
it is now in the collection of Stephen & Stacy Segal.
We first encountered Frank Wu's art in 2002 in San Jose.

To say Frank's work is dramatic, fresh and relevant would be an understatement.  
Frank's work is captivating  -  and as a result he has become one of the most popular
artists in the world of SciFi and Fantasy.  Frank has now won 3 Hugo Awards for his art,
and I'm sure he will become well known far beyond the confines of the SciFi community.

Over the past 7 years both Stephen and I have come to know Frank.  There are many
talented people in the world, but Frank is one of those people who can always bring a
smile to the faces of everyone around him.  Not only is his art a pleasure to behold,
Frank is a pleasure to be with.  Some day we'll say "We knew him when . . ."
G-D                                                           Frank Wu