Me on my first motorcycle,
in (I think) 1967.  The bike
was a very used '
58 BSA.

Mrs. Petti (Steve's mom) took the picture.
I was wearing a leather flyer jacket my
Uncle Eddie Goloff gave me.
It didn't take long
before a little imagination,
a hacksaw, torch, (and
some help from Larry Katz)
resulted in my first attempt
at chopping a bike.
Stu's Motorcycles                                             What I was riding, 1966-1968
Fabrication & Constuction by - Stu Segal - Larry Katz
This bike was basically a
conglomeration of whatever parts I
could get my hands on or make.

The front end came off a Harley
ServiCar, the front wheel was off the
back of a Honda 50.

The handlebars were apehangers (of
course). The gas tank was a
"peanut tank", which cost 28 cents to
fill.  Bates seat and pillion pad,
megaphone "mufflers", and a
hacksawed back fender.

Unfortunately, I didn't know anything
about frame geometry, rake, trail,
etc. The first time I went fast on this,
it went into a real live "tank-slapper"
and I wound up in the hospital,
having roadrash on my palms, arms,
elbows, knees, face, etc.

The next fall, somewhat deflated,
after selling the bike, I wound up
enrolled at Massanutten Military
Academy in Virginia.