The bike went through many iterations in the late 60's/early 70's, but this was my
favorite.  Painted metallic gray with silver flames, and a front end clearly influenced
by Easy Rider.  I still think it was a beautiful blend of colors, textures and lines.
Fabrication & Constuction by Stu Segal, Engine built by H-D of Philadelphia,
Paint by Mike Turner, Welding by Butch Fries, Seat by Lou Orth.
1971 - I don't know what looked more
outrageous, me or the bike (which I
incidentally rode on the day of my wedding).
The radical 36" over-stock springer fork was
made from old Ford radius rods.
"Easy Rider" 1969
Stu's Motorcycles                                             What I was riding, 1969-1971
In 1969 I got my first Harley - a 1958 Panhead engine in a 1951 wishbone
frame.  Lots of chrome, high performance engine.  S
pectacular burnouts!
A little custom
Photoshopping from
Pulsating Paula over
at SpacedOutPhoto