This is a pen & ink line drawing of me, on the '65
Harley, that was done by Lorraine Turner Tranter.

She didn't know me when I owned the bike and drew
this years later  -  thus the difference between the photo
above, showing me with my 70's sideburns and
mustache, and her depiction with my 80's beard.
All Fabrication, Constuction, Engine Building and Paint by Stu Segal
Raked, stretched, mandrelbent exhaust, cut/sectioned gas tank, girder fork
(and, ok, I couldn't get away from the silver on gray paint).
NOTE: I was really proud of the paintjob  (which I did in the bathtub - Kathy was pissed).
This was roughly 20 years before the Swedish Longbikes/30 years before the Jesse
James choppers.  In the early 70's there really wasn't much of a bike culture,
so I just built what I liked (everyone thought I was nuts at the time,
but 30 yrs later they were paying 30, 40, 50 grand for bikes like this).
Stu's Motorcycles                                             What I was riding, 1972-1975
I only built one bike in the 70s, a '65 Harley.