After a long time away from bikes,
I bought a new
'86 FXRS-sp.
I had this bike for 15 years.  
It went through many changes over the years, but all in keeping with Harley's
original design concept  for the Low Rider Sport  -  fast with great handling.
I might have got a little carried away - the bike wound up with a Ceriani fork,
Koni shocks,
EMC BLOWER, custom sheetmetal, racing wheels, etc.  

I looked at it one day in 2001 and,
after 15 years and hundreds of modifications,
couldn't think of another thing I wanted to do to it - it was finally done.  I sold it.

I owned this bike for many, many years,
and here are a just a few "thank yous":

Glenn Taylor for painting the "Milwaukee
Ghosts" on the sidecovers.

Tom McTamney of both Mac's Motorcycles
and Liberty Harley -Davidson
for fabrication and construction.

Scott Covert of Liberty Harley-Davidson
for engine and transmission construction.

Frank Bao of Eagle Motor Company
for the Blower.
Rashmi and I, 1991, on the FXRS
EJ Potter, "The Michigan
Madman", in the late Sixties,
on his Chevy V8-powered
bike, The Widowmaker
Stu's Motorcycles
     What I was riding, 1986-2001