Here is Rashmika and I in '95 with our
'94 Ultra Classic Tour Glide.  
We got this bike specifically for travel, and
added accessories to make long trips
comfortable.  5 sets of footpegs, water
bottles, backrests, cruise control,
AM/FM/cassette, and a bunch of other
creature comforts.

We're standing at the Geographic Center of
North America, in Rugby, North Dakota.  
Having left our (then) home in Pennsylvania,
and ridden west to Wyoming, we were on our
way back east, which would eventually take
us into Canada through Saulte Saite Marie,
and back to the US via a ferry across th Great
Lakes.  The trip was something like 5,000
miles, and the big Harley never missed a
beat.  What a great bike!
'99 Road Glide.

At the time I got this bike (late '98),
Tom McTamney and I had co-founded
Liberty Harley-Davidson in Rahway, NJ.

This was the first TwinCam88 shipped to our
dealership, and it sat on a pedestal in the
showroom for 6 months so all the customers
could get a look at the new design.

It was pretty cool  -  we lowered it, added
custom wheels, porker pipes, Corbin seat
and some Ness trim.  One ride on a TwinCam
made all the other Harleys obsolete!
Wild Bill Gelbke on his ultimate
touring bike, the Roadog,
in the late Sixties
Stu's Motorcycles                                             What I was riding, 1994-2000