Tom McTamney and I rode two  
of these bikes to qualify as Iron Butt  
members.  We were the first (and,  
to this day, the only) to qualify on  
Sceamin' Eagle bikes.  
The 2000 Screamin' Eagle Road Glide was Harley's first Screamin' Eagle
motorcycle — it was factory big-bored, and had high compression, cams, chrome
everything.  It was fast as hell for a dresser, and looked great.
As great a job as Harley did on
these, it still needed "fine tuning".
New cams, lowering, Corbin
seat, highway pegs, etc. turned it
into a serious touring machine.

This was, without a doubt, the
finest Harley I've ever owned.
T.E. Lawrence
"Lawrence of Arabia"
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