2001 K1200RS - my 1st BMW.

I just loved this checkerboard bike, which I kept for 5
years.  I added some really cool touches like the
custom seat cowl, painted bag lids, Two Brothers
exhaust.  The bike was beautiful to look at,
and a pleasure to ride.

(above photo - fall 2001)
2002 R1150RT

One year with a BMW "R" bike (traditional
opposed twin) was all I could take before
deciding that I really loved the 4 cylinder BMW
K bikes (so I'm not a purist!).

(photo - spring 2002)
There were a very lot of modifications to the '01 K12 , and years
of maintenance and tweaking with all our BMWs.  Thanks for it
all goes to the staff at Cross Country BMW of Metuchen, NJ
Rollie Free - 1948
Land Speed Record - 150 mph
Stu's Motorcycles                                            What I was riding, 2001-NOW
2003 K1200GT

The minute BMW announced they were adding a few
touring amenities to the K1200RS and releasing it
as the "GT", I ordered one.  
I picked up this bike in early '03, and still have it.

(photo - summer 2007)
Malcolm Forbes' 1987 K100LT

I always wanted an older K-bike, but would have
probably never purchased one, as I really don't
have the patience for antiques.  Completely
unrelated  -  I had tremendous admiration for
Malcolm Forbes, a man who could have anything
he wanted - and what he wanted and loved was
to ride motorcycles.

Serendipitous as could be, I was given the
opportunity to own this 20 year old K bike, which
was purchased by Malcolm Forbes in 1987,
and lived in his garage at Timberfield until it
moved to my garage in the summer of 2007.  
The bike was impeccably maintained,
and is a real pleasure to ride.  

I think of Malcolm Forbes, who I believe
did more to legitimize the sport of motorcycling
in the U.S. than anyone before or since,
every time I ride the bike.

(photo - summer 2007)
I entered the new
millenium on a
different kind of bike  
—  high tech / high