Ducati Monster S4

This is an '02 Monster I picked
up used in '05.  

I only kept the bike a short while,
but it absolutely convinced me
that the light but powerful
4-valve Monster is the perfect
combination of excellent
street chasis and awesome track
power for my riding style.
2007 Ducati Monster S4rs

In summer '06, we picked up the new Monster S4rs.  We added the factory racing/performance
package, and wound up with an awesome streetbike.  With the 999 Testastretta engine, Ohlins
suspension, Brembo brakes . . . .well there just isn't much you can run on the street with this
kind of performance and handling.

Thanks to Cross Country Ducati of Metuchen for the modifications.

Photo: Summer 2007
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2004 Ducati Monster S4R

In early summer 2015, following the "plastic
gastank debacle" that affected all the S4rs's, I
unloaded mine in frustration.

By the end of the summer I came across an '04
Monster S4R . . . 996 engine, and *steel* gastank.
I was able, through Ducati's system, to verify that
the 11 year old bike had less than 4,000 miles on
the odometer.

I tracked down the original owner, a London
banker who bought the bike new from Ducati of
Coventry. In '06 he traded the bike in at the same
dealership, and had no idea how it made its way
across the pond. But in 2013 an Indiana car dealer
saw the bike in California, fell in love with it, and
shipped it home.

Little did he know the can of worms he was
opening, trying to restore this old superbike which
sat, and corroded for a decade, to its former glory.
After dumping crazy money into it, and not getting
it to ever run correctly, he sold it to me (in disgust).

By this time it looked horrific, with gold-anodized
doodads all over it, the fairing was missing, the
seat cowl gone, the timing belts were rubbing
against the cylinder walls and burning,
 the fuel
filter was clogged, the throttle potentiometer was
malfunctioning, there were electrical shorts . . .
and did I mention corrosion?

But the engine and transmission had almost no
miles on them, and were strong. After a year of
working out the bugs, discarding the aftermarket
junk, tracking down original parts, I wound up with
perhaps the best-running and most fun Monster
yet! And I'm still riding it today!

A big thanks to Jeff Trimmer at Cross Country
for his expertise and assistance.

Photos: Summer 2017