If you've been around me through the years, you've
probably noticed that I haven't included every bike.  
Some, I don't have photos of - some, I have photos
that have not yet been scanned.  They will be added
to the site eventually.
And just what draws us all to these bikes?
It's hard to put into words, but might be best said by Hunter S.
Thompson, in his 1995 words,
"Song of the Sausage Creature"
Stu's Motorcycles                                                  
I hope you enjoyed seeing my bikes; I certainly
enjoyed owning and riding them.
If you're one of the people I rode with, or who helped
build one of these bikes, then
Memory Lane
in the fall of 1999
Yes, that's me, Tom McTamney, Paul McGlynn and Dan Notte in the crowd, Doc Stickel on the left
and Dave Stein on the right.  Malcom Forbes' son Tim is sitting on the Harley in the center.  
Malcolm may be gone, but the sense of adventure goes on.