2005 Chevy Aveo
"The Vitomobile"

This practical little Chevy
replaced the Caddy as the
Vito-mobile, and the
general all around utility car
for dog transport, food
shopping, driving in the
snow, etc.

The color of the car
matches Vito's beautiful red
'95 Caddy Deville
"The Vitomobile"

Stu had this Caddy for
a short while to
transport Vito.  It
definitely had the
Cadillac ride and look  
-  and the looks Vito
would get when people
saw him in the back
seat were just great.

Every time I drove Vito
somewhere in this car I
was sure to get
comments from other
motorists or
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Stu & Rashmika Segal's 2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe

This is the only "foreign car" Stu has ever had.  

Nissan had done a great job designing the new 350Z, and had decided to make a
Grand Touring (GT) version, which was badged as the G35 Sport Coupe.  
Same 300HP/3.5 Liter engine, same trans, brakes, etc. - but the wheelbase was 8 inches
longer, improving ride quality, and the additional 8 inches allowed a full rear seat. . .
something that was a requirement for a 140lb bullmastiff.

Not only is this car fun to drive and good to look at, it's also extremely dependable.
A really great car!
The 2002 Jaguar Type-X

Natalie Segal bought this car in 2002; she didn't know at the time, but it would be her final car.  
After a lifetime of enormous American luxury cars she never really warmed up to the more
compact Jaguar. . . . .but she certainly enjoyed people's reaction to her owning a "Jag".

Rashmika Segal owned the car for 2005, and enjoyed driving it.

It actually was a pretty useful car, as in addition to all the luxury car options, the car was also
all-wheel-drive and was great in the snow and rain.
In the 2000's for the first time we started driving some "foreign" cars.  

Of course, the world has changed, lines have blurred, and we were suddenly living in
a "global economy".  Nonetheless I still wonder if our ancestors who lived through
World Wars and the Great Depression would ever understand.
Rashmika Segal's 2002 Saturn SC2 Coupe

Rashmika liked her '99 SC2 Coupe so much that she bought a
second one in '02.  This one all black, with a custom gray suede interior.

In 2005 Samantha Segal adopted this car.
Stu's 2006 C6 Corvette

In 1972 I owned a beautiful '58 Vette, (see Stu's '58 Vette) but by 2005 hadn't owned one for
more than 30 years.  I sometimes thought about getting one, but it always seemed completely
impractical.  Whether it was a change in lifestyle, or just a change in perception,
suddenly it seemed a Vette would work out fine, and we haven't regretted that decision.

All I can say is - - the C6 Corvettes are just amazing.  An excellent application of technology to
create a luxury performance car.  An absolute pleasure to drive.
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Rashmi's 2009 Mazda RX8 Grand Touring coupe

Well it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Rashmi's G35 had been "rear-ended" and totaled,
on Route 1 so we picked up this stylish, sporty RX8, complete with rotary engine.

What a dissapointment this car was.  The rotary engine produced little horsepower, and even
less torque - it was a real dog.  Too add insult to injury, the gas mileage was terrible, much
worse than even my Corvette.  And, the engine (by design) consumed oil to lubricate the
rotary.  Worse yet, if you started the car you had to wait til it was fully warm to shut it off, or it
woulndn't start the next time - another design quirk of the rotary.

This is the only vehicle that either one of us ever bought that we disliked so much we unloaded
it.  Fortunately, we bought it at such a good price that a year later we were able to get as much
as we paid for it on a trade.  Good riddance!