2005 Chevy Aveo
"The Vitomobile"

Vito left us on September
11th, 2010 . . . but we were
still driving the Vitomobile.

A great little car for errands,
in summer 2013 it had a
major failure (timing belt),
but Chevrolet stood behind
the warraty and rebuilt the
engine.  Whever it snows
we are thankful that we
have the Vitomobile and
can leave the other cars
Our cars - the 2010's
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In the 2000's for the first time we started driving some "foreign" cars.  

Of course, the world has changed, lines have blurred, and we were suddenly living in
a "global economy".  Nonetheless I still wonder if our ancestors who lived through
World Wars and the Great Depression would ever understand.
Rashmika's 2010 Genesis V6 Coupe

The Mazda RX8 was a bust - it paled in comparison to her prior Infiniti G35.  By this
point Hyundai was making a very similar car, the Genesis Coupe.  And equipped with
the 3.8 Liter V6 it was actually more powerful than the G35.

One test drive did it.  They tracked down this beautiful "silverstone" Grand Touring
coupe for us.  What a great car!
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Stu's 2013 Corvette Grand Sport

By  mid-2013 my '06 Vette was nearly 8 years old, and I really didn't like the new style 2014
Corvette Stingray which had just been introduced.  I went to Kerbeck in Atlantic City, the
world's largest Corvette dealer, and got one of the very last C6's that was made.

It's a Grand Sport - wide body, wider tires, brake ducts, etc.  It's a lot like my '06, just a
little more horsepower, a little better handling, a little louder pipes.

By the way - this is the first new car I ever bought that I didn't order from the factory  -  I went
to Kerbeck to get one of the last cars before they were gone.  I would have never ordered this
color, but it's what they had, and I didn't dislike it . . . except for the chrome wheels, which I
hated, so replaced them.  And, when I saw the car it made me think of Warren Zevon -
he also drove a Vette . . . a gray one.
Well, you would think by the 2010's we would have grown up, and been driving cars
appropriate for people our age, perhaps a 4 door Buick for me, and an SUV for
Rashmi.  (In case you forgot, I was born in the first half of the 20th century.)

But my love of cars, and the feeling of driving an exhilarating car, has never faded.
And Rashmi's love of driving demands a car with "zip".