Mike Segal's 1968 Lincoln Mark III
Here is Mike and Natalie Segal standing in front of 4 N. Tallahasse,
in front of their green Lincoln Mark III
(yes, green metallic paint, green vinyl roof, and green leather interior)

This was Lincoln's re-release of their "Mark", an unbelievably classic car they built, at
great financial loss, in the 50's.  I remember the MSRP on this car was $9,995, and this
was at a time that all the car manufacturers were afraid to cross the $10,000 barrier.  I
also remember that even though the car looked cool, it had  quality issues - it was
eventually replaced by a Cadillac Eldorado.

Natalie Segal's 1968 Firebird
Metallic Blue, with a white vinyl top and white vinyl interior.
I remember trying to talk my Dad into a Firebird 400, but he wasn't going for it.

This photo was taken in front of our home on Dudley Avenue in Ventnor, looking
across the street toward the Oxford Avenue School, which was torn down in the
80's to make way for 8 homes.
Our cars - the 60's
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I can find just a couple pictures of the familys' cars prior to 1970
-  here are the few I could find.
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Natalie Segal's 1965 Corvair
Not real obvious from the faded B&W polaroid,
but this was a really sharp bright red convertible!