Ben & Helen Wasserman, then Stu & Kathy Segal's   -   1963 Chevrolet Impala
Ben Wasserman bought this car when he
learned to drive, at age 65.  He was
infamous for his terrible driving, and he
never drove in the rain, or after dark.

Stu & Kathy bought this car from Uncle
Ben in 1974, when he decided to quit
driving; at the time it had
only 11,000
and looked like a brand new car.

Unfortunately, the next year we were
"rear-ended" and it ruined the looks of
the car, but we kept it for about 10 years,
and it always ran well.  
(Ben & Leona Youtie also had a 63
Impala - theirs was a 2-door, light green).

NOTE:  The SES front license plate in this photo is still
in use, in 2006, on Stu Segal's Corvette
Our cars - the 70's
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Stu Segal's
1958 Corvette

327 ci / 375 hp
with Hardtop
In early 1972 I bought this car from a co-worker at Guarantee Bank.  It was a beautifully restored 1958 Corvette,
black & silver with a red leather interior (it had been restored by Skipper Boyce from Margate).

When I got the car it was (visually) a perfect restoration  -  in fact, instead of the 283ci engine that would have been
correct for 1958, this car had a 327.  During the time I had the car, I upgraded the engine further by adding GM
Rochester Fuel Injection, and the correct fuelie cam, so the engine produced 375HP.  
Also added mag wheels, wide tires, side exhausts, new hood.

This car was a real head-turner. . . . . but it also was a "cop magnet" and I got a very lot of tickets when I drove it  
(could it have been my driving?).  I seemed to get a lot less tickets after I was appointed County Constable,
and affixed the constable shield to the rear license plate.
Stu Segal's
1966 Pontiac Catalina Convertible

In 1967 John DeBelsey bought this car from the Pontiac dealer  -  it was a beautiful car, starting life a dark
blue with a white convertible top.  It was slightly used and the engine had been changed under warranty by
the dealer, so rather than the 1966 389ci engine, this car had a 1967 400ci engine.

The car was so beautiful that when I saw it I told John "If you ever want to sell the car let me know".  
John kept the car many years, and over the years kept it running well  -  but along the way he had it
repainted - the beautiful blue became dark green.  He had a new convertible top installed  -
and the white became black

One day in 1978 John called me out of the blue and asked if I still wanted the car.  I had completely
forgotten!!, but said yes.  This lead to a 2 year project  -  the car was nosed and decked,
painted Cadillac Firemist Pewter, had a black leather tonneau cover custom made.  
It was a great car to drive, especially in the warm weather with the tonneau cover.

This is the only remaining photo of the car, and was taken with Kathy in her early bodybuilding days.
Mike Segal's 1972 Cadillac Eldorado
and parked on the right, Natalie Segal's Plymouth Barracuda

The '72 Eldorado was the pinnacle of development of the large powerful American cars -
at 500 Cubic Inches (8.2 Liters) this car had enough torque to power a tank.  From the
drivers seat the hood looked a mile long.  Hard to see in the photo, Dad had the Cadillac
hood ornament replaced with a red and gold USMC emblem, which sat above the custom
Rolls Royce style grille.  If all that wasn't enough, he had Senate courtesy license plates
on both cars.

This photo was taken in the McQuades' driveway, next to our home on Dudley Ave.  
In the background is the Oxford Avenue School.

There were many more of these Eldorados Coupes built than there were convertibles,
which were relatively rare.  Ironically, as there were so many more coupes they all wound
up in junkyards and today it is much more difficult to find a coupe than a convertible.
We had some interesting cars in the 70's
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