Samantha Segal's Ford Ranger Pick-up

When Samantha went to Rutgers, Kathy bought her a
Ford Ranger.  She drove it all through undergrad school.

When she started Law School we converted her little
Ranger to a service truck for our business,
where it put in another 5 years.
Our cars - the 70's
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Stu Segal's 99 Cadillac Eldorado ETC

This was the first car I bought for myself in over 15 years,
and it was actually the first new car I ever bought for myself.

I ordered this car from Cadillac with the "Euro" package, which meant no chrome anywhere on
the body, white diamond pearlescent paint, gray leather interior and every option imaginable.
The car came with the last 10.5:1 compression Northstar motor, and was extremely fast.

My friend Al Hanle (may he rest in peace), who owned the Dayton Auto Group,
arranged this car for me.  I'm not sure I would have got this particular car
with these options if it hadn't been for Al's influence.  

This was absolutely one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen.
(There's only a couple cars or bikes that I ever wished I still had, and this is one.)
Rashmika Segal's 99 Saturn SC2 3-door Coupe

This was a cool car that Rashmika ordered, and had Saturn build for her.

It was the innovative 3-door coupe, and she ordered it in a gold metallic.  It was a really nice
car and we would have kept it had not Saturn called 3 years later and offered such a good
trade on the car that she bought a
second SC2 Coupe.
The Nineties marked our return to interesting cars.

We moved back to NJ, and also opened our own business, which meant the Bank
was no longer providing me with executive cars.  I initially bought the company car I
had been driving, and used it for a while longer, but for the first time in over 15
years I needed to go out and get myself a car.

It turned into an opportunity to get something that I'd really like.
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