Coco - 1967
Atlantic City & Ventnor, 50's & 60's
Boy - circa 1955
Sharon Segal, with "Boy".
He was small, but had a very large
attitude, and would attack anything,
or anyone, regardless of size.  

As I recall, Coco lived to the ripe old
age of 15, and right up to the end  -
just to show you who was boss  -  
he would walk into the sunporch,
look you in the eye, lift his leg and
annoint some piece of furniture or

They always said he was a "good
dog" (I didn't get it).
Boy was, once upon a time, a show
dog.  They said he nearly won the
Westminster Kennel Club Show (I
don't know if that's true).  As near
as we can remember, his
registered name was "Jelilah
Karajah of Moorehill".

He needed a home, and came to
live with the Segals in the 50's.  I
remember him being an
affectionate, obedient dog - he was
the beginning of our love of black

This photo was taken behind the back porch of
Ben & Leona Youtie's Atlantic City house.
This is Coco, the Miniature Pinscher
who grew up in the Segal house in
Ventnor in the 60's.
Coco, on the seat of Stu Segal's Harley.