Northfield, the 80's
Dusty was the same age as Sammi,
and he grew up with the kids.

He was well mannered, friendly and
gentle, but he was about 75 lbs. and
when he (infrequently) barked you
were reminded that he could indeed be
a capable defender.

He would race the kids home after his
afternoon walks; with his surgically
repaired hip he would run lopsided,
right next to the kids, bumping them
the whole way; they never beat him -
he always came up with a burst of
speed in the final 10 yards.

Dusty was everything a collie was
supposed to be  -  friendly, intelligent,
devoted.  We lost him early (8 years
old), but will always remember him as
"one of the kids".
Dusty was a beautiful Collie that, as a
pup, won many Best in Breeds, and a
few Best in Shows.  His career was cut
short as the result of a car accident,
which required a plate in his hip.

He came to live with the Segal Family  
in Northfield in 1980, when he was 3
(his show days were over, and he was
in need of a home as his family was
Samantha Segal, with Dusty