In May 2002, at 7 1/2 years old,  Genghis' life was cut short by a heart condition,
which he succumbed to after a 3 year battle.

I got many notes and letters after he died (as he went to work with me every day,
many people knew him).  Our friend Lenny wrote:
"I remember Genghis as being one fierce "summa ma beach"."

Everyone saw that side of Genghis  -  -
only Rashmi and Stu saw the dedicated, intelligent, vigilant family member who never shunned
hisresponsibility, had the heart of a lion and was always ready to protect his territory and his

He was rarely affectionate - but was deeply attached to Rashmi and Stu (and Sammi), his "pack".  
I doubt we'll ever again have a dog like Genghis.

You've all seen the poem about "The Rainbow Bridge".  Well, we know that Frostie, Marco, Dusty,
Boy, Coco, and Caesar are there waiting for us - and we also know. . .
Genghis is there   -  standing guard and defending them from all threats.
Moscow & Central Jersey, the 90's
In late '94 Stu & Rashmika moved to Moscow (PA, that is) - but the only way
Rashmi would move to the mountains above Scranton and Wilkes-Barre was to
add a dog to the family.  This was to improve the level of security for all those
things that were so much riskier in rural Pennsylvania than in Urban NJ.

So we acquired a beautiful male Shar Pei pup,
7 weeks old, with Stu, on the way to his new home.
Samantha was Genghis' favorite
person in the world.
Though he saw her rarely, as she was
away at college, the bond he formed
with Samantha at this Thanksgiving
Holiday in '94 remained strong
forever.  She was the only person,
except Stu and Rashmi, that Genghis
would allow in the house.
16 weeks old, guarding the front door.
He went on duty the day he moved in,
and remained vigilant every day of his
entire life.  An unbelievable watchdog -
with fear of nothing.
6 months old
Genghis was gaining some size,
and developing into quite a
handsome Shar Pei.
By 7 months, it was obvious Genghis
would be a good size male.  

It also became obvious that his
protective tendencies were a result of
Genghis being an "alpha male".  This
could be challenging - as he exhibited
alpha behavior regularly, and needed
regular daily reminders that he was
not, in fact, the alpha in the family.

Of course there
were benefits  -  he
was an unbelievable watchdog and
protector -
nothing would deter
Genghis from defending his territory
and his family.  You could feel safe
anywhere, with him at your side.
A hefty Genghis, at 1 year, with Rashmi.
Genghis at 3 years old
- the day we were moving
from Moscow to Ventnor.
At 5 years old, Genghis in Metuchen.
He was fighting an enlarged heart,
but remained in good shape.  He
was still defending the house,
chasing the squirrels, and generally
challenging anybody who came into
his world (either at home, or at
Liberty Harley, where he went with
Stu every day).
Samantha and Genghis. 9 weeks old.