Marco was the friend and companion of Barbara Youtie
for many years.  The words below are Barbara's,
excerpted from her scrapbook.
Carol, Marco, Mike
Mike and I went to see Marco where he
lived in Margate.  His “owner” couldn’t
keep him.  Marco came down the stairs
from the 2nd floor, across all the
furniture, and out the door, never once
having touched the floor.  But
somehow we knew, this was the dog for

Marco was already 1 year old (not a
puppy) when we first adopted him.  He
was a feisty devil.  We put a fence
around our yard – he looked – he
jumped – he was running through the

Marco didn’t have any dog friends – by
the time Hera came he was already
15.  He mostly wanted to be left alone.  
But when Marco came to live with us
we had Morris.  Marco wanted to be
friends, but Morris usually ran away.

Marco would always notice animals
(images or sounds) on TV – he would
run to the screen & then finding
nothing really there, he would go
around behind the TV to look.  As he
got older he stopped – having learned
there was never anyone there.

When Marco looked at me, I could see
his very soul in those eyes.  He was so
smart & kind.  He was my best friend &
I'll miss him forever.  

Marco has left his impression on my
heart.  How lucky I was to have such a
lovely dog for so long a time.
When Marco first came to live with us,
he tore up a living room chair & ripped
up the bathroom floor – but I’m sure it
was because he was taken away from
the man he lived with the 1st year of
his life.

Marco was always a good dog.  He
wasa little wild before his “surgery”.  
after that he quieted down & was
always a lovely dog.

Dave taught Marco to climb up on a
kitchen stool and then jump off.  I don’t
think he really liked doing that.
Marco, with the
elusive Morris
Hera & Marco
Marco died in February 2000, just one day short of his 18th birthday.