"This is precisely the kind of book I would have liked to have read when my husband had his
stent put in."
—Amazon Review, Valya Lupescu, 01/2014

"Thanks to you and your book, I saw my doctor last week and had a cardiac cath today. 90%
occlusion. If not for the wise advice in your book I might not have called my doctor."
—Email received from personal friend, 12/3013

"Roadmap to good health."
—Amazon Review, Cheryl Farren, 11/2013

"Only a writer as gifted as Stu Segal can turn a book as serious as a heart attack into a
warmhearted, inspiring, page turner."
—Amazon Review, Helen E. Cimino,  11/2013

"This book takes much of the fear out of the future if you have suffered an early heart attack."
—Amazon Review, Richard A. Barrett, 10/2013

"Well worth the read if you have any life changing illness."
—Amazon Review, Farah Mendlesohn, 10/2013
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