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New email addresses - Some family members have new email addresses, and we've added some
family members to the Family Directory.
 There are a lot of new email addresses since the last update.

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Let's start this time with a few items from the DAVIS

First, our cousin Ben Bartfeld is now a married
man.  According to his Mom,
Arlene Davis Bartfeld  
-  Ben and Nicole's wedding was in South Beach in
January.  Ben and Nicole are living in north Jersey;  
Ben is an engineer at the medical devices
company, Becton Dickinson.

Mike Davis and wife Jean Susemihl have finally
moved into their new home.  Still in Colorado
Springs, Mike tells me this is it, the dream house.

And, an old photograph from
Barbara Youtie, of her
Michael Davis' grocery store.  Born
1858, an immigrant from Riga, Russia (Latvia), he
opened Ventnor City, NJ's first grocery store.  
Judging from the car, the photo is circa 1915-20.
Note that on the right, you can see the first
hardware store that Michael Davis' oldest daughter
and son-in-law,
Fannie & Herb Witten opened.
Here is a recent photo of Kenshin Rose.

Kenshin is a Petty Officer Third Class on active duty aboard
the USS Decatur, but was recently put on IA duty.  My
understanding is that the IA (individual augmentee)
program trains Navy personnel in disciplines not
traditionally associated with the Navy  -  such as infantry
combat.  The Navy then augments the other branches of the
service by lending these personnel.  It sounds like Kenshin
is headed for a combat assignment (his second) in either
Afghanistan or Iraq.

He is the son of
David T. Youtie and Lisa Phoenix Youtie,
and is the great-grandson of our uncle,
Herbert C. Youtie,
the world renowned papyrologist.  (There
is a story behind
his name, but that is Kenshin's to tell).

We are all proud of Kenshin's commitment to defend our
country, and wish him G-dspeed.

The short update from Marc Albert is:

Aunt Molly Albert is still the firebrand she's always been.  At 87 years old
she still has lots of friends and keeps busy.  She still volunteers at the
Philadelphia Art Museum, still gives tours of Philadelphia, and still works in
the azalea garden.

Aunt Rose Segal turned 100 this year.  Willard Scott mentioned her on the
Today Show, and the President sent her a letter of congratulations.

Despite being 2 years older than me,
Marc Albert is still working insane
hours.  But he
is getting away to travel.  And this year he's going back to Roy
Emerson's tennis camp in Switzerland; if history repeats itself, Roy will have
him demonstrate to the other attendees his lob, which Roy calls a "classic".

As to
Andi & Paul Batchler, one look at the picture is all you need to know
that all is well in Batchlerland.
Gavin's first Halloween

Here is Gavin Pane roaring through his first

His parents are
Ashley & Bryan Pane.  His proud
Ed Pane sent in the photo.
And speaking of babies . . .

Here is Gabriella Segal Gallardo with her Nanni Rashmi.

"Nanni", pronounced narnee, is the Indian Gujarati
language name for a Maternal Grandmother.
Stephen Segal wins a Hugo Award!

The easiest explanation is . . . these are the Oscars of the world of
science fiction and fantasy.  Isaac Asimov won a Hugo, Ray Bradbury
won a Hugo, and now . . .

Stephen took over as Editorial director of Weird Tales, a magazine of
weird fantastic stories which has been around since the pulp era of the
1920's, in 2006.  The magazine had been through many rebirths and
reinventions, and was relatively obscure.

Stephen managed a restructuring and redesign of the magazine,
recruited new talent (editors, artists, writers) which took several years
and resulted in the magazine receiving its' first ever Hugo Award (in 85
years of publishing).

"Weird Tales edited by Stephen H. Segal and Ann VanerMeer" was the
dark horse favorite that took the 2009 Best Magazine Hugo Award at the
ceremony in Montreal.
Ann and Stephen accepting their Hugo Awards at the World
Science Fiction Convention in Montreal.
Dom and Sammi have a baby!

OK, maybe I got the cart before the horse showing the picture of Rashmika and Gabriella above.  So it must be obvious that Dom  
and Samantha
had a beautiful baby girl, Gabriella Segal Gallardo, last August.  "Ella" is a happy, healthy little girl.  You can find
more pictures of her, and ongoing updated pictures, at my Facebook page.
Time for a "change"

Prior to the merger of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, Rashmika Segal was a VP Project Manager in
the International Division of Merrill Lynch, focused primarily on supporting Merrill's international

Following the merger Rashmika was offered the opportunity to be one of Bank of America's "Change
Managers", directing her energies at supporting the integration of the Merrill and BofA brokerage
businesses.  Sometimes change is good.
Stephen Segal moves to Philadelphia, takes over as
Acquisitions Editor at Quirk Books

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand,
Walking through the streets of Soho in the rain,
He was looking for a place called Lee How Fooks,
Wanta get a big dish of beef chow mein.

The opening verse of the song voted by the British as having the best
opening line of any song ever written - "Werewolves of London" by
Warren Zevon.

After arriving in Philadelphia the first week of February to start his new
job as Acquisition Editor at Quirk Books, it took Stephen about a minute
and a half to find Lee How Fooks.

Steve is living in the Society Hill section of the city, M-F, and spending
weekends with Stacy in either Philly or Frederick.
Stu celebrates a milestone birthday

Rashmika and Sharon went with me to New Orleans in October to
celebrate my 60th birthday.

Here we are at Commander's Palace, my favorite restaurant, where we
finished our meal with Commander Palace's own creation, Bananas
Foster, flambéed tableside.

"Best meal I've had in 10 years!"  (10 years ago, on my 50th birthday, we
went to my favorite steak house, Peter Lugar's in Brooklyn.)

Now that we've covered what are arguably the two best restaurants in the
U.S. on my 50th and 60th, where should we go for my 70th?
What kind of newsletter would this be without a horse

Here is Stacy Pane Segal and Skipper.

Stacy and Steve moved to the DC area a few years ago, and to
Frederick, Md about a year ago.  The move to Frederick allowed
Skipper to move to a terrific new stable, which he loves.

And this winter he has an indoor stall  -  lucky thing seeing as Maryland
has had more snow this year than anyone can seem to remember.
Or a dog picture?

Here I am, visiting Frederick, Maryland.

The way the story goes, when the Union soldiers were moving through
the South, they gathered all the lead everywhere they went and melted
it down for bullets.

Before they got to Frederick, Md. the residents, who were Confederate
sympathizers, gathered all the lead and cast it into the statue you see
here which was painted so the Union soldiers would think it was a cast
iron statue.  This thing is seriously heavy - two of us couldn't budge it.

He still stands near the center of town, 140 years later  -  his name is
Our familiy members on Wikipedia

No, not just anyone can get onto Wikipedia.  Individuals must meet very strict "notability" requirements.  (Truth is, you can create
an entry for anyone  -  but in the first week or so every new entry is reviewed by a cadre of editors, and all those entries failing to
meet the requirements are deleted).

But we do have family members popping up on Wikipedia.  You can find a
page devoted to Stephen H. Segal.  And while you can't
find a page devoted specifically to him, you can find
Mike Segal's photograph on the Wikipedia page of Senator Frank S. Farley.
To the great shock and sorrow of family and friends, Herb Niewender succumbed to a brief illness in
December; he was 67.  You can read his Obituary

On a personal note  -  I knew Herb for nearly 30 years, and to say he was one of a kind would be an
understatement.  Herb was a giant of a man, larger than life.  Yes, he was physically big, but it wasn’t his
height or size that made him a giant, it was his beliefs and his deeds.  I knew Herb by reputation, as did
everyone, before I ever met him.  Herb could be tenacious, relentless when he believed in something.  I
saw him try to teach others through his actions, and I saw that at times he succeeded (and at other times
he scared people, some of you included).  

Herb spoke eloquently at the graveside service for my Mother 6 years ago.  When I pointed out the cultural,
religious and ethnic diversity of our family, Herb spoke of how this was truly an “American family”, an
American dream.  I was moved by his words then, but much more so following his passing when I
learned that it was the only time anyone ever remembered him speaking at a funeral.

In recent years Herb’s physical stature diminished as he aged; I wanted to pass on my thoughts in hopes
that we all search our memories for not just the recent past, but the years that came before – I will always
remember Herb as that giant of a man who often intentionally wreaked havoc in pursuit of the things he
believed were right, and showed others the value of doing the right thing.

Ruth and Mort Gleit are currently in Israel, visiting Heidi.  They are planning to spend a few days in Tel Aviv, go to a spa in Haifa,
and spend the rest of their time in Jerusalem with Heidi, who they haven't seen since Sarah's wedding.
Blackman NEWS

The big news is the newest member of our family!  Cousins Menachem (Michael) & Shterni Blackman are overjoyed at the
birth of their first son,
David Eliezer Blackman on November 30, as are David's sisters, Choma and Chaya.
A blast from the past

Kathy Segal Simon (nee Huddy)
in the Miss Columbus Day pageant
parade  -  Atlantic City, 1969.
On September 11, 2009, at the age of 9½, the gentle giant left us.

 For some good photos, see Vito's webpage.

 To read my thoughts on his life,
 especially the way he affected people, see
Remembering Vito.
OK, you caught me - I've used this picture
BUT, first of all I don't have a good
recent picture of the Goloffs, and second, you
ALL seen this picture, and third, I still
don't know what's going on here and am trying
to find out if Carol broke through the Secret
Service and accosted the Vice President or
News from Northfield  -  THE GOLOFFS

Joshua Goloff, a junior at St. Augustine Prep, is now studying for his SATs and
considering colleges.  Swim season is wrapping up, with the team one meet away from
their 3rd State Championships. Crew season starts next.

Rachel Goloff is enjoying her freshman year at Our Lady of Mercy Academy. She cheered
for St. Augustine Preps' football team in the fall and starts crew this week...burrrrr

The Goloffs said good bye to Cuong, a Vietnamese exchange student who stayed with
them for 4 months.

And they welcomed "Nibby" a 6 year old cat from the Humane Society in honor of Rachel's
14th birthday. For the last 6 years, she has asked her friends for donations to the
organization instead of presents. This year when they dropped off the gifts, they left with a
cat who has reportedly made herself quite at home.

AND, (and I don't know how old this will make you feel, but it makes me feel
Mike and Carol Goloff will be celebrating their 30th year together in 2010!