FALL 2008
Great-grandmother Molly with Chase.  (Can you believe Aunt Molly is a
great-grandmother?  She barely looks old enough to be a grandmother)
And some other Albert family news . . .

  • The unstoppable Aunt Molly is still playing tennis, and met Marc in Paris to attend the
    French Open.

  • Marc & Stephen did some interesting travel this year, visiting old family friends in
    Australia and New Zealand.  They are also preparing for a trip to China next month.

  • And Marc got to play this year in the Legg Mason Pro Am tournament.  He was
    partnered with one of the Bryan twins, and with Tommy Haas.  The Albert/Bryan team
    scored a win - way to go, Marc!
Marc Celebrates Milestone
Birthday Aboard Presidential
Yacht USS Sequoia
Marc was joined by family and friends for a
dinner party aboard the Presidential Yacht
to celebrate his birthday.

It is an absolutely beautiful luxury yacht,
built in 1925.  It has been the scene of
history making events.

I am told that a good time was had by all at
this memorable celebration.
The Sequoia was the scene of some of America's
most historic events: It was used during the Harding
administration to enforce Prohibition; Herbert Hoover
promoted his use of the Sequoia during the
Depression in a misguided effort to elevate the spirit
of a starving public; FDR and Eisenhower planned
D-day; Truman decided to drop the bomb on
Hiroshima and later conducted the world's first
nuclear arms control summit; Eisenhower entertained
Korean War veterans; Kennedy celebrated his last
(46th) birthday party; LBJ lobbied for civil rights
legislation, and planned Vietnam War strategy; Nixon
negotiated the first arms control treaty with the Soviet
Union, and later decided to resign; Gerald Ford
conducted cabinet meetings on board; President
Ronald W. Reagan met all of the nation's 50
Governors at the Sequoia's gangplank in Richmond,

The newest member of our family.

Janie, who comes from Vietnam, is the new
daughter of Bryan and Brooke.

Here she is with her new Grandi.
Julie & Brian
Stephanie & Jason
Paul & Chase
Jackson, Brooke and Bryan