(updated 10/24/03)

The Goloffs of Northfield

Rachel and Joshua Goloff
have been busy with their
school work but still
participate in other activities.  

Both continue with swimming
while Josh is running
crosscountry and Rachel is a
cheerleader for the Northfield
Cardinals football team.
Natalie, Steve & Genghis on the dock in Ventnor - Spring '01
FALL 2003
Rashmika and Stu

Rashmi, Stu and Vito are splitting their time between
Metuchen and Ventnor.  At home, Rashmi is glued to
her Tivo, Stu is working with his partners on the new
Honda store (and Vito is looking for something to

They are in Ventnor most weekends - mostly sitting
on the dock reading, or on the beach with Vito.  (They
have extra bedrooms, just in case anyone wants to
email Stu.)

Samantha Segal

Touro College Law Center Graduation
Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center
New York City
May, 2003

(if you want a 5x7 or 8x10,
email Stu)

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New dealership opening in the Spring

Stu and his partners are opening a new HONDA dealership this spring, at Exit 2 of Interstate 287
(they recently acquired the property).  The dealership will selll motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, power
watercraft, lawn & garden equipment and generators & pumps.

Stu, Dan Notte (Cross Country BMW) and Ray Lewandowski (Jarvik Heart Research) will be the
Managing Partners.  Their non-managing partners include Frank Beninato, Esq., Barry Wiener, CPA,
Irv Sherman, DDS, Tony Cimino (Largo Theater Construction), Tom McTamney (Liberty H-D), and Rick
Barrett, retired banker.