stu segal
Stu's personal interests are science fiction,  
motorcycling, cars, juggling, drumming, family
history/genealogy and dogs.  

In recent years
he has published a number of
books on topics like music education,
motorcycling, and health and fitness.

He can be found annually at the World Science
Fiction Convention (with his son, Hugo Award
Stephen H. Segal), the Westminster
Kennel Club Show, various motorcycle events
and concerts, and perhaps in the French
Stu is a Managing Partner of The Metro Group, which owns the premiere motorcycle
dealerships in the NJ/NYC area.  
The current dealerships, and his prior Harley-Davidson
dealership, have been recognized as among the "Top 100" dealers in the U.S.

Stu, a lifelong
motorcycling enthusiast, served several years on the Advisory Board of the
Harley-Davidson Financial Services Company.  He is also a member of the Iron Butt
Association, (aka, The World's Toughest Riders) an association of endurance motorcycle

Prior to the motorcycle business, Stu spent 24 years with NatWest Bank and was a Director of
the New York Cash Exchange.  Though his assignments at NatWest required he live for a
time in Boston, Scranton and Wilmington, he has always been based in either Atlantic City, NJ
or the New York City area.